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Measure your Options with Solarium Furniture

Picking the right solarium furniture is a harder errand than it sounds. The right solarium and center furniture depends a considerable measure on the configuration and convention of the sunroom you’ve had fabricated onto your home. Furthermore, in light of the fact that configuration can change from a basic straight eave sunroom to a detailed Victorian studio, there aren’t any set equations to take after with regards to equipping your new sunroom expansion with the correct solarium furniture.

How Formal is your Solarium?
Sunrooms can cover a wide range of designs, from closed in patios to luxurious home additions. Honestly, evaluate what type of sunroom you have, and that will give you a head start as to what type of conservatory furniture is going to work best for you. Do you need a wrought iron patio table and matching chairs, or is a formal oak dining set a better match? Believe it or not, both of these options can be the perfect fit, depending on the nature of the structure you’ve built and the types of solarium furniture that catch your fancy.

How do you Use your Sunroom?
Another way to help you choose the right conservatory furniture for you is to take a close look at how you use your solarium. Is it a glorified kitchen nook or a place where you entertain guests? Is it a gathering area for the family or a personal retreat? Asking yourself these questions is an easy way to determine what furniture is going to fit your sunroom needs best. For some a recliner and loveseat are the perfect additions. For others, a few teak benches placed carefully among the vegetation will fit the bill. The key is making sure your furniture allows you to do what you like to do in your new solarium, whether that’s watching prime time television or just enjoying a cup of coffee and your morning paper.

How Large is your Solarium?
Size does matter, especially when choosing solarium furniture. Since these glass enclosures can range from a small patio enclosure to a family sized room addition, the size of your solarium plays a large role in what type of furniture you can include. If your solarium is more or less a small kitchen nook, then a tall bar table and stool set is going to be the perfect fit. If your solarium is larger and built for year round use, then you should decorate it like you would a living room, family room, or great room. From couches to coffee tables to big screen TVs, just about any furniture combination will work in a larger sunroom addition.

Talk to an Interior Designer
One of the big mistakes many homeowners make when they outfit their new solarium or sunroom is treating it like a patio when it’s as much a room as any other area of your home. That said, you might want to talk to an interior designer about helping you make the most of your new sunroom. These rooms are actually some of the most complicated areas you’ll ever tackle from a design perspective. Their open feel and high light quotient make them a challenge for even the most experienced professional. That being the case, hiring someone with experience to help you outfit your solarium or sunroom is the best bet if you hope to get the best fit from your solarium furniture.